Incredible evening. Thank you so much. People are still talking about it.” - Steffan Gregory

— SCUA Coalition

The rate and speed of change in the business world and people’s lives is faster than ever. There are people and companies looking at mountains that need to be climbed and for various reasons, they may not think they can climb them. They may be scared or not know how to get started. Daniel helps businesses and individuals do things they have never done. It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of business you are in, Daniel shows you how to move people to take action. 

Speaking Topics

Pioneering New Ground

Innovative secrets for finding and doing what’s never been done before

The first are not always the fastest, strongest, or those who have the most money. In this presentation learn why the bigger the failure by others, the greater the chance you can succeed.
• Discover why you don’t need to be an expert.
• See examples of how throwing away the map lead to new discoveries.
• Gain expanded skills and thinking on the important issue of innovation.

Daniel has done the first ascents of more mountains that anyone in history. He has a process used to find and successfully climb peaks which others have overlooked or considered to be impossible. He can teach your organization this process so that you can find and successfully do what hasn't been done before.

Dream Big

How to do anything you want to do.

In this presentation learn the 4 steps to take to make any dream a reality.
• Daniel uses a personal story about achieving a big dream to captivate the audience's attention and inspire them to think big.
• The importance of dreaming big. 
• Audience participation encouraged.
• Take away: leaves the audience with a powerful and memorable call to action, encouraging them to take the first step towards their dreams and reminding them that they have the power to achieve anything they set their minds to.