Start by Throwing Away the Map 

Enable Innovation. Start by Throwing Away the Map 

Not all who wander are lost " - J.R.R. Tolkien 

In the award-winning Desert Towers: A Hundred Years of Adventures on the Sandstone Towers of the Colorado Plateau, author Steve Bartlett beings with “Get Lost.” Steve is not encouraging readers to get lost when hiking. Rather, he suggests that when you’re on the highway driving to where everyone is going, take a random turnoff, lose yourself somewhere in a nameless place, and start hiking with open eyes and an open heart. 

The first time I really got lost is when I started to notice the other mountains around me. Where as I had been focused and rushing past them, when I was lost - that’s when I stopped to ask myself what those other mountains were. Then I realized that no one had climbed them. It was the start of a pattern. The more mountains I climbed, the more I noticed mountains that had not been climbed.

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