Don’t Follow the Crowd. 

Secret #4

On How to Find and Do What’s Never Been Done Before: 
Don’t Follow the Crowd. 

“I don’t know where I’m going but I promise it won’t be boring.” - David Bowie 

Don’t assume because something has not been done there is a reason why. The more crazy an idea is, the greater the potential it can work. Some of the most difficult problems have simple solutions. 

The Beatles were not the first to write and record their own songs. Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys, and hundreds of others, wrote their own. Like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles first two albums were recordings of cover songs. But when the Beatles decided they were only going to record their original songs, they set precedence and made it the standard expected of music artists today. 

Castle Dome was one of the last mountains in Zion National Park to be climbed. For decades, climbers assumed it was impossible due to it’s massive size and blank face. Thousands hiked a canyon past the mountain every year without trying. After spending several days carefully traversing around the mountain, I found a way and was able to climb to the top.

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