Be Where You Are 

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware - Martin Buber 

 If you're not in the moment, you can hurt yourself or lose the game. When I’m on a mountain, in a difficult and uncomfortable situation, the kind I wish I could be anywhere else, ones I wish a helicopter could whisk me away from, I recall my motto: “I am where I am.” I don’t allow myself be distracted by thoughts about what I am going to do later. To be successful, to keep myself and partners from getting hurt or killed, I have to stay focused. Mistakes happen when you lose concentration and don’t stay focused on the task at hand 

To stay focused in the present moment doesn’t mean you should not take the time to smell the roses. I’m always looking around at the scenery — it’s one of the reasons I climb. To stay present means your thoughts are about the scene. If you play sports, it might be appreciating the fans or noticing a player’s form that helps you stay focused. By doing so you are more likely to achieve your desired outcome — winning the game.



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