Do What Interests You

When you choose the path in your heart, a door will open. 

In climbing your mountain, you may find yourself scared of taking risks, scared of failure, or afraid of rejection. What gets me over my fear is passion. 

In business, it helps if you enjoy your product and the service you are offering. It helps if it’s more than just a paycheck. If you are in sales, you might love the thrill of the chase, developing strategy, the roller coaster ride, heartache, triumph, and agony of defeat. You might enjoy it because it’s never boring. 

If you are unsure what your passion or preference is, pretend you are dead. Imagine that you're lying on your deathbed, reflecting on your life. What would you have wanted to do to feel that you had lived a fulfilling life with no regrets? Don’t be afraid. Follow your dream and go big. You are the most powerful when you are authentic. 

If you’re not sure if something is your passion, think romance. Are you in love with it? Passion is an emotion, an intense feeling of enthusiasm. It is boundless, sometimes dangerous, and makes you forget about everything else.


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