Finding Success in a J.O.B. Description

Tap into your passion and harness that — it will grow your power and your impact. 

Pursuing your dream in life should be a goal. Not everyone, however, can or should immediately quit an unfulfilling job. In the meantime, be successful where you are. Look at your job description and figure out how to excel within that boundary. Find what you’re good at in the description and what you have a passion for. 

No one does everything in a job description. Different people come into the role. Some do certain things in a job description really well, and donʼt do the other things quite as well because thatʼs not what they are good at. Almost everyone, if they are competent, can do most things in a job description fairly well. You can, therefore, do everything and be mediocre. Or you can do most of the things satisfactory, do some of them exceedingly well, and excel.

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